Our Clients





The Kentucky Center For Orthodontics

KYOrtho looked to DreamWalker to increase their ranking on Google. We used Google AdWords to promote five different KYOrtho locations in the state. DreamWalker’s effective and ideal approach using AdWords has ranked KYOrtho number one on Google for all of their desired locations.




 RallyUp needed significant help in the aspect of design for their social media pages and went to DreamWalker for it. Through the use of powerful images to capture the attention of their ideal audience, we were able to optimize the design of RallyUp’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.



Aubrey’s Angels

The DreamWalker team worked with the Aubrey Rose Foundation to promote a New Year’s Eve event. DreamWalker gave Aubrey’s Angels unique page designs for both Facebook and Twitter. Through a targeted marketing campaign, the promotions helped raise more $100,000 for charity.



Peabody Executive Coaching

DreamWalker has optimized PEC’s web and social media presence through complete design of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and custom website. Our efforts have helped PEC experience an immediate increase in traffic and connections since beginning with DreamWalker.




AVP Security Inc.

AVP Security is an online market that provides security systems to multiple audiences. DreamWalker completely optimized AVP’s online presence in the areas of Website Design, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, CRM, E-Commerce, and Video Marketing. AVP Security experienced a massive increase in online sales, along with a significant increase in website traffic of around 250%. With online sales being the majority of their market, AVP Security is currently a top security system provider in the United States.

Eastern Kentucky University College of Business & Technology

The College of Business & Technology reached out to DreamWalker’s team for help connecting the students with the faculty. DreamWalker built an entire network on Twitter that was user friendly for the students, professors, incoming students, deans, etc. We consulted each department within the College of Business & Technology so they could self manage each page. The project has been a huge advancement for EKU and the students can now communicate with the college of business through a median they are comfortable with. This platform has become a powerful recruitment tool as well.


Portable Surveillance 

DreamWalker’s team armed Portable Surveillance with a top of the line Website, E-commerce, SEO, Social Media Optimization, and CRM. With the help of our team Portable Surveillance is now selling their products internationally. Within the first 2 months they saw a 33% increase in international sales.

Vapor Stix

Having trouble reaching their ideal audience, Vapor Stix took advantage of DreamWalker’s services to do so. Through targeted following and interaction, Vapor Stix has seen a fast increase in Twitter followers. DreamWalker also created completely new and eye-catching backgrounds for Facebook and Twitter to capture to the attention of their audience.

 Jack Burford Chevrolet

Jack Burford Chevrolet granted us with the exciting opportunity of fully managing their existing social media networks. In a short span of time, the value of our service was certainly proven. In just a month’s time we doubled their Facebook reach, increased their page “Likes” by 350+, and increased their targeted Twitter following by 500+. Their social media campaign continues to grow significantly to this day and has generated mass amounts of traffic back to their main website. Our management efforts have driven customer awareness, sales, and identified potential customers. We are striving to utilize every social media channel relevant to Jack Burford Chevrolet so that their award-winning service is promoted.

All Things Country Magazine

All Things Country Magazine featured DreamWalker Inc. in their October 2012 edition. In exchange for their gratitude, our team provided each of their social media campaigns with Professional Designs. We also include Twitter and Facebook marketing in the agreement. In just a short period of time, All Things Country was very pleased with our services. They have seen a spike in online traffic, a strengthened fan base, and a spark of interest from other businesses for their services.  

 Tiffany Nash’s Campaign for State Representative in KY’s 81st District

The services we provided Tiffany Nash’s political campaign involved training and consulting Tiffany Nash on effective social media practices. During that time we were also fully responsible for developing and managing her social network sites such as Facebook & Twitter. The time we spent managing her social media campaign efforts were focused on targeting potential voters and promoting Tiffany’s views as a future state representative.


Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Our services for the Richmond Chamber of Commerce gave us the opportunity to train and consult their clients with technology and social media knowledge. Additionally to the consulting services we provided, we were also responsible for managing and optimizing their social media platforms. In the first month of our services, we were able to double their website traffic. We continue to consult the Richmond Chamber of Commerce with workshops such as “iPhone for Business” and “Social Media for Rookies.” We have also excelled in managing their social media platforms seeking to promote small businesses and their vision in Richmond, Kentucky!

Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals

Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals were seeking a social media solution to help promote awareness and drive cabin rental sales. In a very short time frame we completely optimized their social media pages. We have consistently increased their social media presence while providing recommendations to further grow the business. Much of our service included increasing the awareness of Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals to their target market and engaging them. Our success can be attributed to engaging content, running contests, targeted following, and much more. We accomplished our goals by running contest and using 24/7 customer interaction which produced over 15 cabin bookings online!

Hanger’s Restaurant

Working with DreamWalker Social Technology, Hanger’s Restaurant saw a 23% increase in lunch sales, a 25% increase in dinner sales, and a 31% increase in alcohol sales. DreamWalker helped to promote Thursday night’s at Hangers Restaurant as ‘college night,’ offering specials on drinks and appetizers, and they saw their normally slow Thursday nights turn into one of the busiest nights of the week! DreamWalker accomplished this using focused and targeted social media marketing, to translate higher web traffic into real dollars for Hanger’s.


Battlefield Golf Club

Battlefield was seeking to increase membership. DreamWalker optimized their social media presence to engage their desired target audience. Through our advanced software, we targeted all users on Twitter and Facebook within 50 miles of Battlefield talking about anything golf related. Within a short period we increased their membership by 15%. Their network continues to grow to this day!

Lisa Foster- Realtor

Lisa was seeking to optimize her social media presence and post her listings to targeted followers via social media. We built Lisa a powerful social media presence on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Her listings are selling quickly with the help of our service.  Pinterest has really helped to build Lisa Foster’s following,  and is proving to show it’s worth through a plethora of inquiries coming in about the listings DreamWalker posted to her social networking site. Her social networking presence continues to grow on a daily basis through all levels of social media she takes part in.


 Acres of Land Winery

Acres of Land Winery is a perfect example of how Pinterest can be used to drive up online sales. Wine sales sky rocketed as result of the online Pinterest store we built them. The winery also utilized Facebook and Twitter for fan interaction and traffic driving. In a very short period of time, Acres of Land winery saw a significant increase online traffic and at their restaurant.  DreamWalker helped to provide printable coupons for their guests that were accessible through their social networking sites, and ran many promotions and specials on their pages to help spark interaction and gain business for the restaurant, winery, and special events location that is on site. 


Madison County Ford

Madison County Ford quickly gave us full control over all of their online networking. We have ran with this opportunity by linking all of their medias such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube back to their main site, where they have seen a massive increase in customer interaction and traffic, which ultimately led to a tremendous increase in sales!  Their online presence has grown tremendously since handing over duties to DreamWalker.



Louisville Marketing

We gladly took the opportunity to help market this top of the line web design company on Facebook and Twitter where they saw a 300% increase in overall online traffic that went along with a 57% increase in online sales. We also produced over 25 sales leads in the first month. These massive increases in sales and customers went along with setting up their Pinterest, so that people could see the true value in their web designs. This business is a prime example of how well we can help businesses that produce most of their customers online!


Suzy Watkins- Re/Max Alliance

Suzy approached DreamWalker to drive up her brand reputation and to generate more leads on her listings. Mrs. Watkins has reported generating multiple leads from her social media platforms  on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in just one month of service. She is another example of how social medias are not just for businesses, but they can be utilized by professionals as well!


Cloud Surveillance

Cloud Surveillance was seeking Web Design, SEO, and Social Media services from our team. They are now operating with a top of the line website, dominating the search engine results, and marketing their products through Facebook and Twitter successfully. This new digital empire has caused Cloud Surveillance to experience rapid growth, and they continue to make a name for themselves. 


Richmond Underground Gaming

The owner of RU Gaming reached out to the DreamWalker team for help in reaching a young audience in an ever-changing environment, and we delivered! In a very short amount of time, RU Gaming social media pages saw a spike in traffic and overall customer interaction! Our services penetrated the gaming community and got countless gamers to become loyal customers for RU Gaming. We have experienced new and existing customers signing up for events online and claiming offers for events and new products.


University Inn Hotel 

University Inn Hotel was seeking to raise their brand awareness to potential customers. Within a few days, we reached more people on their Facebook page they had reached in the lifetime of the page. Their page continues to grow and they are beginning to build a targeted customer base on Facebook! Not only have they booked more rooms, but they also have attracted business executives for their conference room. 




Business Babes Society 

Business Babes is an organization who’s purpose is to create a strong network between women who are executives or business owners. DreamWalker helped Business babes grow their Facebook “Likes”. We are finding people all across the states of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana who may be interested in joining business babes. We love working with these women!