About Us

DWSocialMarketing.com is an online social media subscription service driven to connect businesses to affordable marketing solutions. It is our primary focus to build effective social media campaigns designed to prove a high ROI. Our team of experienced professionals is trained to drive enormous amounts of traffic, generate leads, and increase sales for your business! 

We offer a personalized social media marketing experience for businesses. Our services allow them to separate from competition and target their ideal customers. DWSocialMarketing.com has proven methods that communicate clearly and effectively with customers to grow brand awareness, drive traffic to points of interest, and maintain a strong, long-lasting social media presence through relationship building and engagement. 

We are located in Richmond, Kentucky. Our offices are located in the Business & Technology Center at Eastern Kentucky University.


  • Associate investor member of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Executives.

  • Member of the Richmond, KY  Chamber of Commerce.

  • Winner of the Eastern Kentucky University Entrepreneurial Excellence Award.
  • Featured in All Things Country Magazine.

For inquiries into our services, please contact us at: info@dreamwalkertech.com or call us for a FREE consultation at (859) 622-7443.

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